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Community rugby clinics continue with HSBC Singapore Rugby Ambassadors

HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens Ambassadors DJ Forbes leading passing drills with the participants from this morning’s Rugby Clinic at Tanglin Rugby Club

Yesterday saw the continuation of local youth community activation clinics led by HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens Ambassadors Huriana Manuel, Waisale Serevi and DJ Forbes. This morning’s clinic took place at Tanglin Rugby Club at Turf City where 100 children aged from 6 to 16 years learnt and built upon their fundamental rugby skills from these rugby legends.


DJ Forbes gave his thoughts: “Yeah it’s awesome. A very good turnout, there’s a lot of kids, boys and girls so that’s definitely a good sign. The kids really got stuck in, they’re having heaps of fun. We’re not trying to promote all the specific rugby stuff but this is more about some of the values, some of the things you can learn from rugby.”


Later in the afternoon saw the second clinic of the day take place, this time at SCC Dempsey Field. Organisers and coaches from SportCares along with the ambassadors led 50 children in a series of drills, introducing them to skills specific to the Sevens game and also spoke about the mental strength needed to be successful in the Sevens sporting environment. 


John Legaspi Kirby, 17 years said: “I found it really fun, being exposed to the stars allows us to develop our skills in rugby. We are able to spend some time outside as well and not always be indoors on our phones. It’s good exercise for the body as well.”


Mohammad Shahil Aqill, 17 years shared his feelings on meeting the rugby legends today: “I felt great and excited because I’ve been playing rugby since I was in Primary three and I’ve never met a rugby legend before. It was such an honour in meeting them as they have always been idols to me and people that I have always looked up to."


The ambassadors themselves were very impressed with the attitude of the children, Waisale Serevi said: “The youth are very competitive and don't want to lose, which is great because that's what rugby is about! They're full of energy and if this energy is channelled towards the sport, it could lead to developing useful skills. I want to thank the organisers and sponsors for giving us the opportunity to work with SportCares, to help youth channel energy into something positive and express themselves through the sport.”

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