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Who you should bring to the HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens and why?

Reuters Plus/ Wai Ling Au

Going to a rugby game together is considered a big event, so you should take more pictures of the stadium, the game and lots of wefies with your friends, for we’re sure that one day you would want to look back on these memorise. So, you are interested in the upcoming HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens and have no idea yet of who to bring along to the game? Fret not, we’re here to help.

1. Your significant other


Nothing shouts “power couple” like a couple sporting similar (or even different) rugby jerseys, holding hands and walking into the National Stadium to catch a rugby game together over the weekend. Imagine the fun you both will have from cheering on the teams you like; watching a rugby game together is gonna take your relationship to new heights and to a whole new level. After all, sporting events are a great way to take someone out and show them a good time.

2. Your best friend(s)


Do you find yourselves guilty of spending weekends gathering at one of your buddy’s house, with the television switched on to the rugby channel? Well, it’s time to up your game by going down to a REAL, LIVE rugby match at the National Stadium on the 7s weekend in April! We’re pretty sure you all will have 100 times more fun breathing in the same air as your favourite rugby players, while also soaking up the excitement of the match playing down below. Fun tip: come dressed in your most extravagant and elaborate costumes, and immortalise that moment with a selfie that you all will look back on years from now.

3. Your family


Contrary to popular belief, the 2019 HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens is not just for rugby fans but also the entire family! This year, both Sport Singapore and the Singapore Sports Hub have partnered with DreamWorks to bring about a whole new interactive experience for the little ones during the Sevens weekend! You can expect a colourful cast of characters such as Poppy and Branch, Kung Fu Panda, Shrek and many more to liven up your weekend. Apart from that, you can groove to the music from the two bands that will be playing on each day of the weekend - Smash Mouth on Saturday and the original cast from Broadway’s Rock of Ages playing on Sunday.

4. Your girlfriend’s dad

There’s nothing quite like bonding over a rugby sevens game with your prospective father-in-law. Impress your girlfriend’s dad and score some major brownie points by inviting him to the HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens on 13 and 14 April! Why stop there? Dress him up in his favourite team’s jersey and get him some official merchandise that’s on offer.


If you still can’t decide who to bring along to watch the game, we would suggest that you bring everyone that you love down to the Singapore Sports Hub on the Sevens weekend to experience both world-class sporting action and the fun-filled activities catered for all ages!

Tickets start at $19, click here to find out more.

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